There's a bug in a certain room in the Audience Engagement Update that can lead to a game softlock. 1.1.1 fixes the problem and is now active on browser builds and being uploaded to downloadable builds as we speak. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Presenting Friday Night Death Slot, the only TV game show where our participants die for realsies! Play through six-second platforming challenges, while risking yourself and grabbing Audience Tokens to keep the ratings at bay in this frantic platformer! Also, prepare to die. A lot.

In a world where audience retainment is as low as it could be and the interest on TV is dropping at a rapid pace, a totally-not-evil television host sets out to create a new kind of game show - one accomodated to the audience's short attention span that adjusts to their reactions as it goes on. You, the contestant (slash victim), will need to act quick as you zoom past these production sets, getting to the exit, dying while you try to do so and collect Audience Tokens along the way to not lose the interest of the watchers at home - how many levels can you survive until your inevitable demise?

A  controller and a downloadable build is recommended for full gamepad support (including rumble!), true full-screen, faster loading times and better music support. The HTML5 version is an unsupported build and is designed for pick-up-and-play. You can download the Itch app for easy file management!



GAMEPAD - L-Stick for movement, A for jumping, START for pausing/unpausing, BACK for restarting (or quitting while paused)

KEYBOARD - Arrow keys for movement, Up key for jumping, ESC for pausing/unpausing, ENTER for restarting (or quitting while paused)


GAMEPAD: A to start, B to go to Settings, X to close (downloadable version). D-pad to scroll through Settings, A to select, B to go back to the main menu. Rock the L-Stick while on the menu to see some wacky parallax effects.

KEYBOARD/MOUSE: Click on PLAY button to start, SETTINGS menu to go to Settings, CROSS to close. Up-Down to scroll through Settings, ENTER to select, click on SETTINGS to go back to the main menu. Rock the arrow keys while on the menu to see some wacky parallax effects.


A more in-depth credits list is available here. Check the in-game credits on the Settings menu.

DespediteErik (Erik Bianco)Coding, pixel-artWebsite
SlightlySqueamishCharacter designs---
AhmaykmewsikIn-game musicTwitter
Ariel KimMenu musicItch, Soundcloud
Artists from Freesound.orgSound effectsTaraMG, InspectorJ

Created for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam. And Knuckles.


FNDS - Soundtrack 2 MB
FNDS, Audience Engagement Update - Linux 32 81 MB
FNDS, Audience Engagement Update - Win64 73 MB
FNDS, Audience Engagement Update - Win32 55 MB
FNDS, Audience Engagement Update - Mac OS 64 87 MB
FNDS, Audience Engagement Update - Linux 64 77 MB

Development log


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maybe I dont get it. I keep falling through the walls. maybe its buggy. maybe its me idk


As always, I'm not a good player so I couldn't past the very first level. Keeping the audience happy is hard... :' ) Sounds suited the style overall and I liked the art style very much. Nice game, hard for noobs like me but I liked it. :) Good job!


Works on Linux with Wine. Very fun in that 'Super Meat Boy' kinda way. I want to try it with D-pad instead of analog stick. Can you make it do both? 

I'm glad you liked it - Super Meat Boy's style is exactly what I was going for!
As for D-pad support, sure enough! I had problems making it work in the last hours of the jam, as I had to rework every animation event. Will be coming in the near future!


Great game! It gave me a "chip and dale" for nes feeling (I love that game). 

But the timer was hard to spot at the begining, and got killed some times for reasons that I dont understand.

The arwork and the tunes were great!


Just this page itself looked so awesome I just had to try the game :D

I played the browser version briefly, but I had a really hard time telling between background elements and elements I could walk or wall jump on. Also, sometimes stuff seemed to randomly kill me even when I had time left.

However, I like the pixel art, the animation, and game's level of polish. But I think core mechanics like the visibility of the level should be of higher priority. (I learned this the hard way while making my jam entry.)

Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for playing! I was working with a very limiting 16 colour palette, so it was quite hard to make background objects stand out without using all of the same colours. Will keep in mind for a potential update! :)